The Coalition

Tigard Turns the Tide is a community coalition working together to prevent drug and alcohol use among Tigard youth. It takes a combined effort by parents, educators, community leaders and members to turn the tide and reduce the use of alcohol and drugs by youth. Using strategies such as youth and adult education, social norms marketing, advocacy, and increased law enforcement, the Coalition has successfully worked to significantly bring down alcohol use by Tigard youth, affect local, State, and Federal policy and has provided many alternative safe activities for young adults and their families over the years.


Tigard Turns the Tide: A Community Coalition Tigard Turns the Tide Coalition has been instrumental in reducing the use of alcohol and drugs by Tigard youth. Partnering with law enforcement, the School District, the City, Washington County, local businesses, organizations and community members, the Coalition has worked to change the attitudes and perceptions surrounding alcohol and …

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Rock the House Committee

This Committee is responsible for the planning of alcohol and drug free evening events for Tigard High students and families.

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Project Development and Recruitment Committee

This Committee is responsible for the task of working with community partners and individuals to develop programs, organize events, work on public policy, etc. It involves the recruitment of new partners and members.

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